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    review rating 5  I would say he is one of the best immigration consultant in Montreal. Follows up everything and responds to all your questions faster and in a very informative way. I got my CSQ & PR through him. He is very helpful and his guidance is to the point. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to immigrate to Canada.

    thumb Tulsi Kewlani

    review rating 5  Saguy Barchichat was very good at giving information in a simple way. The consultation helped us. A good point is that he is willing to follow-up with you if you have any questions afterwards. I recommend.

    thumb Romain F.

    review rating 5  Saguy Barchichat is a very good lawyer. Had an issue with my residency status in Canada, and because of him I won the case. Would highly recommend him. I have my permanent residency for 5 years which is a plus point for me and waiting to apply for Canadian Citizenship.

    thumb Nandini Sunger

    review rating 5  Mr. Saguy was extremely instrumental in helping me obtain my Canadian citizenship in less than 6 months from the application date, after facing years of road bumps. He is very knowledgeable and is very quick to respond to any matter.

    thumb Inara Lalani

    review rating 5  Mr Saguy Barchichat was extremely helpful with our spousal sponsorship request. With his guidance, we went through the process months faster than the average processing time. He was always willing to answer any questions rapidly and to the point.

    thumb Samuel Des Rochers

    review rating 5  Professional and efficient. Promptly responds to inquiries and questions. It was a great experience having Me Barchichat handling my Immigration application.

    thumb Elena B

    review rating 5  Great lawyer. Professional and knowledgeable. Extremely satisfied.

    thumb Noam Perez

    review rating 5  I just got my PR with this lawyer's assistance. Choosing him as my representative was one of the best things that I had done in my life. Together with this lawyer, my sheer hard work and incredible luck, I was able to receive the Canadian PR in less than two years. You may not like this guy because he is no personable charmer, but, you will get your money's worth by using his services. At the end of the day, that's all that matters.

    thumb Big Chance

    review rating 5  This review is long overdue. Saguy is the best, he helped me with getting two work permits and my permanent residency. He responds quickly to any and all questions, and is very reasonably priced. You really get the impression that he wants to help you and is not just trying to make a buck off you. I don't even know if I would still be here if he hadn't helped me, he helped me renew my work permit when my CSQ was taking longer than usual to be processed. Highly recommend to all my fellow aspiring Canadians. Thanks again Saguy for all you do.

    thumb Gib Primeau

    review rating 5  I just got my PR with this lawyer's assistance. Choosing him as my representative was one of the best things that I had done in my life. Together with this lawyer, my sheer hard work and incredible luck, I was able to receive the Canadian PR in less than two years. You may not like this guy because he is no personable charmer, but, you will get your money's worth. At the end of the day, that's all that matters.

    thumb AAA AAA

    review rating 5  Mr. Saguy is a very straight forward professional attorney. He speaks limited and sticks to the point. He responses to emails and phone calls immediately. During the nearly yearlong process of my spouse PR application he always kept me informed on what was happening. I am very much happy with his service. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a pleasant immigration experience. Anamul

    thumb Anamul Haque

    review rating 5  Saguy is a great Lawyer. Very knowledgeable and always gets back to you quickly. Look no further, I highly recommend him. He will explain the process of your application and what to expect. I am glad I used his expertise and counsel. Thank you Saguy!!! A.Bel

    thumb Belo Mares

    review rating 5  Very knowledgeable lawyer who is professional and litterally makes the whole process seem so easy . My application was completed before the year mark. I was very pleased with his service.

    thumb thalia st-louis

    review rating 5  Charming and informative guy...will guide you in right direction regarding your immigration issues.

    thumb Malik Tahir Awan

    review rating 5  Incredible service, he really helped me out of a jam, and found an immigration solution for me under extremely tight circumstances. I would not have been able to stay in Canada without him, and I'm eternally grateful. Thank you so much Mr. Barchichat!

    thumb Melissa Juliette M.

    review rating 5  Saguy was very professional, effective and transparent in the process of getting my CSQ and my permanent residence. At one point in the process, the Quebec immigration office made a mistake which invalidated my CSQ application, but Saguy fixed everything on that very same day. I would 100% recommend him for anybody looking to immigrate to Quebec/Canada.

    thumb Juan Correa

    review rating 5  The service was very professional and helpful. Saguy assisted me with the application of Permanent Resident Application. He explained the whole process and documents in very detail to me, there was absoulutely no confusion during the whole application. And I got my PR approved. Highly recommend.

    thumb Bowen Ma

    review rating 5  Best Immigration Lawyer in Montreal.I got my permanent residency in less than a year, thanks to Mr. Barchichat. He guided us through my Sponsorship application and is very knowledgeable of the whole process. He was hands on and answered any questions or clarifications I needed promptly. Would highly recommend his service if you are looking for an immigration lawyer. Thank you Saguy Barchichat.

    thumb Barbara Malina

    review rating 5  Good lawyer for sponsorship application. Not expensive and knows the steps clearly. I recommend him

    thumb Jullian Marco

    review rating 5  Mr. Saguy Barchichat is a reliable professional, efficient, confident and to the point . No surprises, transparent in explaining the next steps and what to expect realistically . When he calls you, its for good news . I highly recommend his services.

    thumb Amir A

    review rating 5  Incredible Immigration Lawyer. Very professional and very knowledgeable. Mr. Barchichat has helped me with my Immigration Case. The process was absolutely straightforward and direct communication with Mr. Barchichat is a breath of fresh air, I was always able to speak him directly. If you are looking for an Immigration Lawyer, look no more, the best lawyer in Montreal is Mr.Barchichat. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    thumb Vengeful WoW

    review rating 5  Amazing lawyer. Helped me with my case and gave me some advice that no other lawyer in Montreal was able to give me. Highly recommended.

    thumb Adam Bennani Smires

    review rating 5  Excellent service. Responds quickly to requests and efficient. He takes the time to explain the process and all options available. Initially hired him for my Permanent Resident application, which was approved without any issues. We have continued to use his services for other matters and he always delivers quality work.

    thumb Kimberly Ryan

    review rating 5  Mr. Barchichat is a very professional, highly knowledgeable and a true expert in his field. I literally got my PR yesterday, after only waiting about three months since applying for it. It is noteworthy that my case was somehow complex in its type and I had only a small glimmer of hope. However, his expertise and perfect job made the PR application a very smooth and unbelievably swift process for me. I do strongly recommend him for anyone looking for a professional, responsive, dedicated and skilled attorney for immigration purpose.

    thumb Hamid Taghavifar

    review rating 5  He gave me fair advise. The whole process went very smoothly. Highly recommended

    thumb Arun Dhillon

    review rating 5  Me Saguy Barchichat helped us through the entire process of obtaining my permanent residence. He guided us through the sponsorship application and answered all our questions at every step. Mr Barchichat was available through email and phone whenever needed. We are very glad to have chosen his services and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an excellent immigration lawyer.

    thumb Christine Tran

    review rating 5  Mr. Saguy Barchichat is a very efficient and professional immigration attorney. He made the Canadian immigration process more accessible and straightforward by guiding me through each step with such clarity and thoroughness. He addressed all my questions promptly and directly and was available to get on the phone whenever needed. I am so glad and thankful to have worked with him. I would highly recommend him for future PR applicants.

    thumb Dounia Kchiere

    review rating 5  I have been a client of Me Saguy Barchichat since 2012, Saguy has represented myself on many occasions and has given me nothing but success in all matters. Saguy is a true professional and great asset to his clients and the industry. He won a complex immigration matter in 2012 and in 2017 my son’s citizenship and finally in 2018 represented me and I am now officially a Permanent Resident of Canada! Saguy is my first point of call when it comes to all legal matters, Glad I discovered him whilst in the U.K!

    thumb Muj Shah

    review rating 5  Saguy Barchichat was great to work with and helped make sure we understood the permanent residency process each step of the way by responding to all of our questions promptly and professionally. The process took less than 6 months to complete, much to our surprise and we could not have done it without the assistance of Mr Barchichat. We highly recommend him!

    thumb Hodo

    review rating 5  Mr. Barchichat made the process of getting my PR a breeze. He was very professional and responses to emails and phone calls immediately. During the nearly year long process he always kept me informed on what was happening. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a pleasant immigration experience.

    thumb Alan Leaman

    review rating 5  Saguy is a very straight forward professional attorney. He speaks limited and sticks to the point. I actually found him through google reviews and he took my immigration case after in-person meeting with me, after learning all case related facts. Very quick in communication/emails. I am more than satisfied with his dealing and would recommend to my friends and family.

    thumb Amoldeep Singh

    review rating 5  He is polite, the most knowledgeable immigration lawyer I’ve met, and he doesn’t mind answering your questions. Most importantly, he successfully helped me obtain the permanent residence. Thank you Lawyer Saguy Barchichat!

    thumb Tuc Bui

    review rating 5  Saguy is the best lawyer ever! He is very kind, polite, diligent, serious, at the point and last but not least very, very ethical! Saguy helped me and Arturo, my common law partner, with his Canadian Permanent Residency and everything went nice and smooth! And now he helped me with my Citizenship! Thank you Saguy for everything, Arturo and Luciana

    thumb Luciana Alves

    review rating 5  Great service, very professional. Me Barchichat is very responsive, always explain everything very clearly and perfectly know what he's doing. We got PR through partner sponsorship faster than planned ! I would definitely recommend to my friends.

    thumb Jerome soulas

    review rating 5  I am pleased to say that i am very satisfied with the work of MR. Barchichat, i would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a true gentleman who is extremely knowledgeable very professional and he is always there for his clients. My younger brother recommended him to me MR.Barchichat represented and worked on my brother’s file too and The application was finalized in less than a year. he helped me through my wife’s PR outland sponsorship application process and i had no issues during the process even though my case was complicated but i have followed his directions and everything went smoothly. I am lucky He was my lawyer during this process there are many other people who are not satisfied with thier other lawyers work but according to me i can say that there is no better lawyer than him in the city he is very courteous and very professional. I will be looking forward to working with him in the future with similar cases.

    thumb Najeeb Habibi

    review rating 5  Great guy. Very helpful. Helped me apply and get my permanent residence card. Was very helpful throughout the process and always available anytime I had questions. Would Highly recommend his services. Thank you Mr. Barchichat Edit On August 08/2018 Even after all my work has been completed, I contacted Mr . Barchichat today for some papers I needed and he kindly went out of his way and within 10 minutes of the request he sent me what I was looking for. Honestly I have dealt with lawyers before dealing with Mr. Barchichat and he is one of a kind. Always there for his clients.

    thumb UMER GHANI

    review rating 5  I worked with Mr Saguy to get my Canadian PR. He was very helpful and resourceful. He was very quick in responding to all my emails and was focused. I would really recommend him to anyone who is looking for a immigration lawyer.

    thumb hema dhamodaran

    review rating 5  Mr. Saguy Barchichat is a very good immigration lawyer that I would highly recommend to anyone. He helped me get my Permanent Residence card (through Spousal Sponsorship) in less than 1 year! During the process he was very focused and professional and answered every question I had for him immediately, even on weekends! If your looking for an immigration lawyer he is the best in town!

    thumb Thomas Hinton

    review rating 5  Mr. Saguy was really important in my process. He always answered quickly and precisely. Everything went smooth in the right time. Thank you for your professionalism.

    thumb Rafael Silva Martin

    review rating 5  Mr. Barchichat handled our Express Entry applications. Throughout the process he was very professional - always responded to our queries promptly and provided us good suggestions. With his guidance our applications were successfully processed within a short period. It took us less than six months to get our applications accepted. I highly recommend his services for immigration to Canada. His charges were also reasonable.

    thumb Shamsul Arefin Al Hossain
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